Well, happy halfway mark, fellow writers. It's November 16th, which means that, sitting in computer files all around the world, half baked novels are awaiting their as-of-yet-unthought-of endings.

I'm dragging my feet today because I'm under the weather. It's making me not want to write, or go to work. About the only thing I can get excited for is the new Bubble Burst game I installed on my phone.

I'm trying to be okay with not filling every second of my day with writing. It's tough. I feel like I should be dedicating every spare moment of my time to this thing, but there's also other stuff to do. Stuff like surfing Craigslist on Saturday morning, making a snap decision about a piece of furniture, driving out of town to pick up friends truck to haul said piece of furniture back to house, bug downstairs neighbor (still in pajamas) to haul said piece up the stairs, turn house updside down in attempt to fit new piece of furniture in house, and then decide maybe buying piece of furniture was not the best idea I've ever had.

The only part of the house untouched by chaos is Burdy's half of the office. My part of the office is a minefield of unfinished art projects and boxes full of fabric and sewing paraphernalia, which you have to walk through to get to Burdy's side, so the poor man has about four square feet all to himself. I did finish hemming all my pants that needed hemming, so at least I won't be flopping around like a moron in too-long pants this winter. So, you know. Hooray for that.

Here's something to tide you over till the end of the month:

Bottle from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.


Lo - ok, by my calculations you will need to do the other half during a period which contains Thanksgiving. I know this will be a challenge for you since something completely ridiculous / hilarious always happens to you during Thanksgiving, taking away valuable writing time, yet ironically adding to the flotsam of writing fodder…a conundrum.-J