Well, It's Day 4 and I've got nothing so far. Just a bunch of stream of consciousness stuff written in the first person. The anti-novel, you might call it.

Since inspiration has not hit yet, I have busied myself by preparing the writing room. I kind of feel like an expectant mother folding tiny cloth diapers into a drawer waiting for the Big Day. Except pregnant ladies eventually birth their kids... and I'm not so sure at this point that I'm ever going to deliver this 50,000 pound baby.

1. I'm using a stack of books by some of my favorite authors as a riser for my laptop. Why not a real riser, you ask? Well, cheapness, for one. And two, I'm hoping for the miracle of digital plot-osmosis.

2. I've cleared off the rest of the desk and moved my favorite keyboard from my work desk to my writing desk. I've thrown out organized everything I had in my inbox so there are no distractions.

3. I've faced this gem of a gift from my sister in my direction so that when I lose my train of thought, his benevolent smile will goad me on. He comes from Iceland, where even writing instruments need winter coats. (I guess...)

Internet, meet Purple Bunny Pencil Warmer.