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Congratulations, Little Brother

My little brother (though he stands easily a foot taller than me) has always been my “little” brother.  But today he is something else.  A homeowner.  And though I try not to tell anyone else’s story but my own on this site, I thought he deserved a little shout out this morning for the journey he’s made.
He texts me a picture of him and his girlfriend standing in front of their five bedroom home.  I don’t ask him why, when it’s just the two of them and a cat, they need five bedrooms because it’s beside the point.  The rates were good, they got a great deal on the price, and he’s handy, so they can fix what they don’t like.   It’s an old house- nearly a hundred years old, on a corner lot, built in an era when there was need for so much room because families were larger then.  They own it simply because they can.