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Candida AlbiCAN’T, Sucker

There was a really brilliant bit going around on the Huffington Post site a couple of weeks ago about the typical trip to Whole Foods.  I laughed out loud at parts.  I did.  Girl knew how to assess a ridiculous situation. And I appreciate a good pull-back from the myopic scrutiny that we here in the Northwest apply to everything from our shoes to our tofu. Every once in a while, I actually laugh out loud (alone in my car, usually) thinking about our first world ridiculousness.  I live in the city with one of the highest rates of first world ridiculousness, so I’m guaranteed to enjoy at least one derisive snort a day.
The one thing about the piece that did get at me a little was the bit about Candida.  And that’s because I have it.  And it is no fucking joke.  And here is where, were I not so serious about this crap growing in my guts, I would full-on belly laugh at MYSELF.  Because, Candida?  Really?  Your gut flora is a little out of whack?  That’s what you’re complaining about, kid?
My internal dialogue me is SO mean to the regular me.