Yeah, so I know a "roundup" is supposed to be some sort of "list" of things rounded up, but, um. HEY, MAN! I'm not, like, into your FASCIST RULES, man. Don't make me get all Montessori School up in here.

Seriously, you guys. I got nothin'.

I've been busy with double bookings at work this week, and I haven't made the time to sit down and write. What I HAVE been doing in my spare time, what little there is of it, is reading other people's blogs.

I'm just now coming out of a rabbit hole I've been down in for the last hour and a half, so don't even ask me how I got here, but go read this. It's effing funny as hell, y'all. Especially if you were alive and dressing yourself in the eighties and nineties. Re-branding is an evil and hilarious thing. The 21-year-old's of this world have no idea. "Leggings"? Yeah, we used to call them "stretch pants" back in the day. Rompers? Well, we called them rompers back then, too, and they were just as unflattering.

And there. I've gone and done it. I've officially made a "back in MY day...." comment.

Listen. I call slouch socks as the next big thing. You can totally say you heard it here first.