I'm so moved by Oprah's show coming to an end I hardly know what to do with myself. I know she's not "going away", but it's going to be weird that she's not on at four p.m. anymore. That show has shaped my adult life in more ways that I can count.

Years ago, back when email and the legal drinking age were new to me, I wrote Mr. Burdy a love note that contained a phrase that I think sums up how I'm feeling right now. Burdy was in Germany for a semester and I was in the habit of communicating with him, because of our schedules and the time difference, at night (and sometimes after a cocktail or five). In this particular email, I waxed poetically about missing him terribly, that it was strange to be away from him for so long, and that there was this "bif emoty" in my life where he used to be. What I was trying to say was that there was a big empty in my life where he used to be, but, y'know. I was all Daphne thumbs and bleary-eyed. It has since become an inside joke between the two of us, and every time one of us says it, I marvel at how that one little idiotic phrase can make me re-live that longing all over again.

Ms. Winfrey, I feel a bif emoty where your show should be.

Here are a few more pictures from the roadtrip. Enjoy.

Billy's Deli in San Clemente

Nearly There

Andersen's Pea Soup

Santa Cruz Boardwalk


Lo - Saaaay, these B&W pics have inspired an idea, here. Sunny, cloudless skies where you were, right? But the B&W pics shows gray, much like what we have here in color (sort of). I’m going to start taking B&W photos here in Seattle. The sky will be gray but in B&W you can pretend. Now, what to do with the glistening raindrops on my winter coat here in June….will work on it.-John