Dear Oprah,
I'm going to San Luis Obispo. Your recent piece on "The Happiest City in America" (featuring the delightful Jenny McCarthy) really put the nail in this rainy, gray coffin. This is about the time of year when the weather starts pushing me to consider living in a teepee in the Sahara just so I can feel the sun on my skin, so your timing couldn't be more perfect. I realize it's raining there right now, but, do you know what's going to happen tomorrow? It's going to be sunny. And the day after that? Sunny again. Are you starting to see how this could be a good fit for me?

I don't actually think that just traveling to a place will make me instantly happy, but it won't hurt to spend a few days trying. Anyway, thanks for tip. We should be boarding soon.

Oh, and if you need a follow up report, just let me know. There's probably a flight that connects to Chicago from San Luis Obispo, right?