I suppose, since it's been thirty days since I've updated this blog, I should tell you about all how awesome my Christmas vacation has been. BUT. Thirty inches of snow fell here in the great state of New Jersey overnight and all anyone around here is talking about right now is the apocalyptic state of things.

Burdy and I have pretty much been trapped indoors for two straight days and our moods have shifted from festive to anxious. Our flight back to Seattle this evening was canceled, and we still haven't been contacted with a rescheduled flight. Burdy's been calling the airline all day, but he keeps getting the same recorded message: "Due to the Northeast Blizzard and high call volume, your call is going to be disconnected..mmm.... now". The Internet, for once, is not helping. Continental Airlines' website is a tangled mess of red capital letters and exclamation points. The news is one long slideshow of pictures of snow piled eight feet high in front of buildings and snowplow drivers smiling giddily. Burdy is starting to get cranky and when Burdy gets cranky, bad things happen.

To escape the ennui this afternoon, I bundled up in Burdy's mom's black and white one-piece snowsuit (which was at its peak, fashion-wise, in 1982 or so) and took a good long walk. The winds here have been gusting up to 60 miles per hour. I didn't really do the math on that when I packed myself into the penguin suit. I left my face exposed and walked around the neighborhood for a good hour and a half. When I got home and looked at myself in the mirror, my inner East Coaster reached around and kicked my inner West Coaster in the ass. My cheeks were completely windburned.

Definitely no children at play today. Definitely none in bobby socks and lace up leather shoes, anyway.

Parts of the Parkway AND the Turnpike were closed down yesterday. No bus service, no train service. Today, 50% of the vehicles on the road were plows.

To make myself feel better about being stuck here, I pretended these were from Truckasaurus.

I almost had to pull out my luge for this portion of sidewalk.

This is the snow the plow piled up in front of Burdy's mom's neighbor's house. Pretty much the whole neighborhood looks like this.

The plan right now is to head over to the airport in the morning to see if we can talk to a real live human being about scheduling. My guess is that NO ONE ELSE in the tri-state area is going to have that very same idea, so I'm pretty sure they're going to hand me a genius award as I step onto my very own privately chartered airplane. That's the thing about natural disasters around these parts. They make everyone super smart.