There was a time, about a year ago, when a certain daddy was very nervous about having his newborn son's face plastered all over my blog. It was understandable. But, over time, the kid starting developing a personality, started making adorable faces, and somebody grabbed a camera, posted some pictures on Facebook, and it was all over. I mean, how can you NOT want to photograph this cuteness all day long and then stick it on the Internets?

Having your picture on the Internet is an inevitability these days, isn't it? Especially when you've got incredibly talented photographers in the family. (Thanks to Greg for capturing this one and others.) My guess is that this kid, and the rest of his generation, will never NOT know what it's like to not be on the Internet.

Burdy and I flew back east to celebrate Tre's 1st birthday last week. We wanted to make something special for him, a handmade gift, something that he would find in a box in the attic in about thirty years from now and go: "Wow. Somebody spent a l o o o o o o t of time on this." And then he would try and wrap his brain around how something so ugly and lumpy could have brought him so much joy as a child.

I present to you, making their debut on the Internet, fresh from the sweatshop of Burdy, Incoporated, The Garbageasaurs!

Seen here in their natural habitat, the Garbageasaurs belong to rare group of dinosaurs, known for their soft cottony skin, and their exposed baseball stitch seams.

According to his mom, Tre loves them. And why not? They're made of t-shirts. And love. Lots and lots of love.

Also included in the gift: A set of a dozen blocks, also made of t-shirts, complete with handsome tote bag (also made of tees!)

My favorite part about these blocks is that they're not just from Burdy and me. They're from a whole group of awesome people, really. The Garbageasaurs, too. A couple of years ago, I asked my friends to donate to me t-shirts they would have otherwise turned over to Goodwill (or the rag pile). I've been using them to make clothing (with a little help from my friend Megan at Generation-T), and some of them to make baby toys, burp cloths, and all sorts of drawstring bags. I love that each piece I create has a story to tell. These blocks, for instance, feature t-shirts from all our friends here in the Northwest (plus some never-used boxer shorts thrown in for good measure.)

Happy 1st Birthday, Tre! You are so very loved!


I totally do, Joe! You can custom design your Garbageasaur’s color scheme - OR - you can mail me your used t-shirts, and I will mail you back a a dinosaur. Your kid will have a gift that says “I love you enough to give you the shirt off my back”.