What I celebrated with:

Shots of Polish grain alcohol. Fresh from the back of the 'fridge. One for me, one for CLH who made too many late night bowls of popcorn to count, and one for Cousin Rob, who I all but ignored the whole time he was here because I was busy writing. Sorry, Rob!

And this the -how shall I say this?- FOOD that was stuck in the plug of my mouse:

Not in the mouse. That would make sense. This was stuck in the plug part, the part that gets put into the port of the computer. Don't ask me how it got in there. All I know is that it was covering the contacts. Which made the left button stick or not work at all. Which slowed down the writing progress. Which made me hiss at the mouse and then angrily throw it at the floor.

And this is what my desk looked like last night when I finished:

Like my "laptop stand"? Known in other circles as "a cardboard box"? My laptop was being treated to a spa day and a manicure, hence its absence from the picture. Oh, and see that white capped bottle just behind the open can of nuts? Yeah, that's my caster oil. You know. For my old lady problems. It's a little known fact that Hemingway wrote while wearing a caster oil pack. Yup. Dostoevsky, Emerson, Hawthorne... they all wrote swathed in greasy
t- shirts. Looks like I can take my place alongside the Greats.