Happy Black Friday! Brought To You By Crows, Harbingers of Messy Sidewalks

With all this focus on turkeys this time of year, I thought I’d bring you some news from other parts of the avian world.

These guys are getting their Christmas shopping done early. It’s so easy with one-stop shopping! For mom, orange rinds. For dad, the crow who has everything: old shoelaces. And for that finicky Aunt Marion: a used wad of Saran wrap. It goes with everything!

Do you think they got the lid off the can themselves? Because sometimes crows, when rooting through old soup cans and newspapers, are freakishly strong.

And, in case you needed any reminders that sometimes Seattle looks like the set of of a Hitchcock film from about November thru April, I bring you this. Is it any wonder I want to swallow whole bottles of Vitamin D for breakfast?