I'm taking a break from blogging about my health problems to show you the latest addition to my record collection.* Um, did she say record collection? Yes, my record collection. It's about 24 records big and includes this gem, MJ's "Thriller", and the WWF album. As you can see, I only collect quality pieces.

I popped this sucker onto the turntable the other evening and made dinner while doing some interpretive dance to "SOS". One minute I am moping about how I'm going to pay for a root canal and the next I am warbling into a wooden spoon and flapping my arms. There's just something irrepressibly happy about Abba. I would wager you could step knee deep in dog poop, get fired from your job, and find a human finger in your french fries, and you'd still find yourself jutting your hips to one side and hoisting your arms over your head once "Dancing Queen" came on.

Well, I'd wager you would. I'd wager CLH would chew his dinner and shake his head and wonder why his girlfriend insisted on singing harmony to "Fernando" with a mouth full of salad mix. I can't help it. They just make me believe that, with enough dramatic gesticulations, anyone can sing their way out of bad mood. I think it's because Abba are aliens made entirely of wholesomeness and good cheer. I'm not a statistician or anything, but I'm pretty sure you could track a very clear trend in world peace summits, hand holding, and Abba record release dates.

Also, check out the fashion points here. Um... knee-high boots? Cute tweed hats? Ponchos? Is anyone else weirded out by the fact that these EXACT outfits are totally in fashion right now? And the boots? Check out the details on these puppies. Amazing.

I'm gonna come right out and say it: the guys, the guys are TOTALLY rockin' it here. REAL men wear jaunty scarves and platform boots. Am I right, ladies?

And speaking of fashionable comebacks, I, for one, am totally ready for David Sedaris's new book. Know why? 'Cause I got me a phonograph. That's right. The NY Times has announced that his new book will be released on vinyl. Do I need any more proof that great minds think alike? Or that knee-high boots will ever go out of style?

*Thank you to Geoff, Steph, Gingi, for the contribution to my collection.