When our friends Lacy & Roberto moved from the US to Canada, they had to leave behind a dozen or so houseplants. Somehow, I agreed to take them all in. Hopeless at decorating, I simply lined them all up, firing squad style, in front of my fireplace (and then I crossed my fingers and said a little prayer that we would never, ever have to use the fireplace because some of those plants were HEAVY and hadn't I had enough of the heavy lifting for one year?)

Well, I am happy to report to Lacy and Roberto that their African violets are doing marvelously. Apparently, we have the perfect combo of natural light and human sweat running down the window panes because they are thriving in here. And, as Lacy predicted, they've made a comback. When I got the plants back in July, they were flowerless and some of the leaves a little worse for the wear. But even the one we thought would never flower has shot up a lovely little stem of deep purple.

I've been experimenting with using CLH's big bad heavy camera lately, so I'm going to start posting bigger, more vibrant pictures to this site. Lucky for me CLH knows a thing or two about technology, because, let's face it, I have very little patience for it. And there might not be any pictures of African violets here at all if I didn't have him to ask about cords and file formats and which program I use to open what photo. If it were up to me, I would be chiseling you pictures onto a piece of slate using a mallet and a sharpened piece of rebar. And then trying to cram that piece of slate into to my disk drive while yelling obscenities.


woo-hoo! i was just hanging up my new little starters in the window saturday morning wondering whatever came of my old little friends and whether these new ones could survive winter near the window…. i reassured myself that both were in good hands. (: