Cannot. Find. Top. Of. Desk. Must. Grunt. Out. Statements. A la. William. Shatner. Must. Clean. Off. Desk. To. Think. Straight.

Aaaah. There we are. An hour and seven different emails to seven different charity organizations later, I am free of clutter.

Seriously. Who the hell authorized the selling of my name to every blasted charity under the sun? So I gave twenty five bucks to a Native American charity years ago. Does that mean that I have to receive a letter a day, some with return address labels, some with whole sets of Christmas cards in them asking for money for the rest of my life?

I'm pretty sure there's a service out there that will tell these guys to scram for you, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it. I think Brad Pitt once did a spot on Oprah for it. Was it Brad Pitt? Or some other hunky celebrity? Well, a lot of good his looks did me because I can't remember his face or the website. Just his pecs. Under his white t-shirt. Yup. That's pretty much all I remember.

A quick Google search reveals the usual tips for making junk mail go away.>

I'm not a penny pinching ogre or anything. It's just that I give to my LOCAL charities. And any yahoo willing to tape a REAL AMERICAN DOLLAR to the freaking ask letter to entice you to match his contribution CANNOT be hurting all that bad, right?


I’m all about giving, especially during the holiday season, but I received a mailing from the American Lymphoma Society with my yearly supply of address labels and this time, they included a nickel in the envelope with a note that said return the nickel with a donation. How much money is wasted by sending nickels through the mail in order to guilt people into sending it back with more money?!? I say I will donate to charities who spend their money wisely, not to those who use gimmicks to try and get money through guilt from me. I sent their nickel back.