It worked! The sourdough starter didn't die and the bread rose just fine. I found a recipe online for "sheepherder's bread" and it looked simple enough, so I went for it. It's a wheat bread (and even though the test results say I can eat wheat, my intestines disagree) so this bread was made for the manfriend. It was dense and tasty (i had to taste my handiwork so I nibbled the bottom crust). I could barely taste the sour flavor, which is good because these native east coasters don't really care for sourdough. We prefer our bread to taste like manic depression and stoicism.

I'm going to attempt to bake another loaf or two this weekend. That little bio hazard has been sitting in the fridge (you just take portions of it at a time for each loaf; you always return a little blob to the icebox) for a few days now. I think i am ready to commit to the feeding/throwing away/baking cycle. Sourdough requires attention like a newborn. You can't just leave it on the counter top and say, I'll get to you later, little guy. And I have left MANY a baby on a counter top, so I would know.

I think I will try something in the rye bread department. Most recipes I have found for rye bread require rising times bordering on insane, so I will be picking something that can be made this century. I'll keep you posted.